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Research & Initiatives

Exploring new ways to unravel the molecular mechanisms of disease biology

Our methodology

We are developing CRISPR-based approaches to tag endogenous proteins in biological and disease models. The tag enables the purification of proteins for interaction mapping by mass spectrometry and high-resolution structure determination by cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM). This allows us to see what target proteins are binding and how they work with atomic precision. We can then leverage this information to develop new therapeutics.

Focus on the Proteasome

The proteasome is a crucial molecular machine that degrades proteins in cells. Dysregulation of protein homeostasis is a common hallmark of cancers such as multiple myeloma where proteasome inhibitors are frontline therapies. We are working to better understand the regulation of proteasome complexes in both normal and disease physiology by tagging the proteins in different cell lines. Understanding how these complexes change under different cellular and disease contexts will allow us to develop more precise and less toxic medicines.

Contact us to learn more about our current projects.
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