Research & Initiatives

Our vision is to integrate biological studies across different scales and bridge the gaps between molecular biology, cell biology, and animal physiology.

Different fields, different models

Molecular and structural biology use expression systems that mass produce proteins. Cell biology use cell lines that mimic relevant pathways. Animal physiology use animal models that exhibit specific phenotypes. Each model system is unique, which can make it challenging to understand biology across different scales.

Unify models to unify scales

Working together with our collaborators in cell biology and animal physiology, we are integrating our model systems to better understand biology across different scales. We are developing techniques to target proteins from cell and animal models of disease, enabling us to visualize disease-relevant states of proteins in molecular detail.

Targeting endogenous proteins

We are developing CRISPR-based approaches to tag endogenous proteins in different disease models. A fluorescent marker in the tag allows rapid sorting of cells with the modified gene using FACS. The tag also contains an affinity marker to enable purification of the protein for structural analysis by cryo-EM.

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